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Since we first started back in 2002 and Concerned Black Men, Inc. of Philadelphia became our first client, we have grown in leaps and bounds.  We have learned a lot about service, timeliness, communication, and keeping our clients in the loop as we go off into our development office/space.  And while many may not admit it, we have had to let go of clients and clients have let go of us - sometimes it is not a match.


However, in 2018, we stand on solid ground with a robust portfolio of individuals, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and even government agencies who have called on us to provide a service and/or develop a program.  We have developed an online presence where regular content is being populated and clients are being engaged in the social media atmosphere.


We are grateful for the opportunity to serve such a wide variety of individuals and entities. From developing a website for an author who spent a considerable amount of their time writing a book to share their story, to partnering with a State Health Department to merge two very large departments, to delivering intense leadership development trainings all across the country - we are grateful!


The list below is in no way a complete illustration of those to whom we have provided services for. Nor is it an indication of our entire skill set and ability to do more as well as how we will continue to evolve as a professional consulting service firm. We are sure that as the needs of our target market evolves, we will be right there to grow with them and build the "moja" client family even more.


We really want to thank all of our clients, even those who fired us as well as those who took a chance and granted us an opportunity to serve. Should you desire to see or know more about any of the services provided to one of our clients below, please browse through our list of services or contact us at your convenience and we would be more than happy to showcase and/or share the work we have done.


2018Clients Being Served

Individuals | Small Business | Nonprofit Organizations | Fraternal Orders



Individuals: Below is a list of individuals we are currently working with.


Justin Charles Evans (Website Design)


Small Business: Below is a list of small businesses we are currently working with.


A & U Personal Care Home, LLC (Incorporation, Medicaid #)

Ace Tax Service (Website Design)

Armistead Financial Services, Co. (Website Design)

Bohannon Personal Care, LLC (LLC Incorporation and Home Care Provider Certification)

Buckhead Commercial Insurance Services, LLC (Website Design)

Fascinating Services, LLC (Graphic Design)

HD Investments (Business Development, Graphic Design & Social Media Marketing)

Holmes Mobile Lab Services (Website Design)

Progressive Human Resource Consulting (Graphic & Website Design)

Property Management of Atlanta, LLC (Incorporation)

Provided Care In-Home Services (Graphic & Website Design)

Robin Hood Credit Educators (Graphic Design, Printing Services)

TGT Global Staffing, LLC (LLC Incorporation, Graphic & Website Design)



Nonprofit Organizations:  Below is a list of nonprofits we are currently working with.


Acacia Family and Learning Services, Inc. (Nonprofit Incorporation, By Laws, EIN, & 501(c)3 Application)

Abounding Prosperity, Inc. (Graphic/Website Design)

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority - Alpha Alpha Omega Chapter (Graphic/Website Design)

Ball/House and Pageant Communities Conference (Website Design)

Big Stix Baseball, Inc. (Website Design, Nonprofit Incorporation, By Laws, & 501(c)3 Application)

Compass Success Academy (Graphic & Website Design)

Corporate Kicks, Inc. (Logo Design, Nonprofit Incorporation & Development)

Dallas Southern Pride, LLC (Graphic/Website Design)

First Choice Supportive Services, Inc. (Nonprofit Incorporation, By Laws, EIN, & 501(c)3 Application)

Healthy Black Communities, Inc. (Graphic/Website Design, Nonprofit Development)

Jump Start to a Healthy Start, Inc. (Nonprofit Incorporation, By Laws, EIN, & 501(c)3 Application)

Love While You Cancer, Inc. (Logo Design, Nonprofit Incorporation, By Laws, EIN, & 501(c)3 Application)

McChel Financial Operations, LLC (Payroll System Development & Forms Creation)

My Community Center, Inc. (Nonprofit Incorporation, By Laws, EIN, & 501(c)3 Application)

Project G.I.V.E., Inc. (Nonprofit Organization Development, Fundraising, Management Consulting)

Robin Hood Credit Educators, Inc. (Graphic Design, Banner Printing, Book Design & Development)

School for Creative Achievers (Grantwriting Services)

University City Board of Education Adult Education & Literacy Program (Graphic/Website Design)

WGPR TV Society (Social Media Marketing & Website Design)


Fraternal Orders:  Below is a list of Fraternal Entities we are currently working with.


Most Worshipful Illustrious Renford P. Brown Grand Lodge

International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc. and Order of the Eastern Star

International Masons and Eastern Stars of Georgia

International Masons and Eastern Stars - Southeast National District

Star of Georgia #378


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