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Website Content Development

Writing for a website is far different than regular writing.  You are writing for search engines and social media to capture your content and for site visitors to know more about your product and/or service.  Sit back and leave the writing to us.

Who We Are


mojaevans Marketing & Branding Services, LLC is an Atlanta based consulting firm that develops content really well, both off line and online.  After having some discussion with you, we will determine the best language needing to be developed to utilize on your website and social media platforms.  Each page needs to be written as a separate stand-alone as well as a subpage of a larger website.  Our goal is to ensure a 100% spelling and grammatical error free website.


What We Do


Our website development philosophy recognizes that a site is 50% visual and 50% content, if there are errors on your site, the visitor believes attention to detail was not provided and will not trust you to purchase your product/service.  We go through EVERY page with a fine-tooth comb making sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.  We then provide some recommendations on either cutting down, breaking up, or adding more content to the site as a while or specific subpages.


We can help with language improvement, design functionality, social media icon placement, and embedding widgets/plug-ins from other sources to connect your site with platforms and others who would benefit from your product/service.


How We Can Help You


mojaevans will write content for your site, develop upgrades to current subpage content, provide guidance and direction on model imagery and digital assets that would help your site gain more visitors and improve its visual display.


Complete this form today and let's see how mojaevans can better serve you.


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